Apocalypse Tollcross

Photo of bowling green and trees and blue sky

Listening to the news the other day and someone was talking about tension in the middle east.

Wondered if Riddrie had invaded Barmulloch again.

Might have been about bombing children in Yemen, the murder of journalists in Saudi Arabia, or American economic decline and the end of empire.

I mean, we may think these faraway places don’t affect us, that we don’t have enough in common with people there to feel empathy.

But what if Riddrie did send troops down Ryehill Road?

Carntyne would be raging. But they wouldn’t do anything without Shettleston’s approval.

Shettleston’s got its own troubles, what with the Blackhill question, border skirmishes in Tollcross, the Mount Vernon balance of payments crisis.

And everyone knows Royston is desperate to avoid a trade war with Cranhill and that Provanmill and Craigend have hated each other for centuries.

So really, it’s up to Springburn. Riddrie will back off if Springburn threatens to withdraw military aid, as long as Haghill and Barlanark don’t get involved.

And by the way, special forces fae Ruchazie would run over that fucking Riddrie mob any day of the week.

That’s what I heard anyway.

Just hope Govanhill doesn’t get dragged into any illegal wars for oil.

Not in my name.

Down with the imperialists.

Hands off Garthamlock.


Think it’s time for me to have a lie down now.


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