Why Govanhill is just like Hamburg

St Pauli sticker, pirate, in Govanhill

Govanhill is a tourist hot spot with supporters of St Pauli, a football team from Hamburg with a long history of radical players and anarchist fans, squatters, activists, socialists, nutters.

st pauli sticker collage, chucky, cantona, garfield, in govanhill

You see these stickers all over Govanhill, on lamp posts and litter bins and street signs and bus stops.

You can follow the trail all the way down to the Gorbals and into town.

It’s a bit like the West Highland Way, but without the joyless mountaineers from Kent in their Gore-Tex scanties.

st pauli sticker collage, glasgow emblem and che guevara

Went with my brother to see St Pauli against Dortmund a few years ago.

He wore the new away top, I was in the early 80s home strip, all Dom Sullivan, George McCluskey and Danny McGrain.

Foaming pilsner lager, the Reeperbahn, skull and cross bones, anti-fascism, punk girls and fanzines and rebel songs. Best fans in Deutschland.

Standing on terraces in a cage drinking beer. Now that’s what I call football.

Cheers, St Pauli. You remind me of home.


2 thoughts on “Why Govanhill is just like Hamburg

  1. Hang on a minute here. You prefer being treated like a normal fan, who is out to support their team whilst having a good time and creating a spectacle, as opposed to being treated like a potential enemy of all right-minded people?
    Chase yerself! This sort of nonsense will never catch on.

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