Why Govanhill is just like New York 2

Eglinton Toll and the Flatiron building in New York...coincidence?

First there was the building on the left, at Eglinton Toll.

Then, mysteriously, the building on the right appeared in New York City.

Coincidence? Getouttahere.

Also, Queens sounds a lot like Queens Park, doesn’t it? And so does Central Park.

Quit trying to rip us off, Noo Yoik. What’s next, Govanhill Street Blues?
The Wolf of Westmoreland Street? Forgetaboutit.

At least Govanhill has its own cutting-edge financial district, just like Wall Street.

See these shop signs in Allison Street and Pollokshaws Road.

Shop signs in Govanhill, global software consultants and global accountancy practice

Not just city-wide or regional or national or pan-European or international but global, man.

That these shops are being consulted on software and practising accountancy on a global scale blows my mind, literally.

So, yeah. I will have a nice day, buddy.

Don’t you worry your sweet ass about that.


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